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    Meet Michael Valenti, cycling artist

    Michael Valenti

We at Ride International Tours are proud to announce that our Ambassador for 2019 is the extremely talented renowned Cycling Artist, Michael Valenti.

After a long 33-hour flight from Chicago, Michael joined us in Adelaide for our 8-day Tour Down Under trip in January. He rode with our group most days as well as painting daily images of the tour, which he shared with his many online followers.

Known in social media as ‘Veloist‘, fans of Michael’s work love to follow his cycling adventures around the globe and snap up souvenirs of his original artwork as a commemoration of the great cycling moments.

We are delighted and honoured that Michael is part of the Ride International Tours team for 2019. Michael will be joining us in May for our 2019 Giro d’Italia tour, which includes the famous Sella Ronda Loop, the Madonna Ghisallo Chapel, Mortirolo and Stelvio.

Michael Valenti - instagram

Here’s a bit about Michael:

“I have been riding bicycles since childhood and drawing pictures just as long. Growing up near Boston, my father was an illustrator so art has always been in my life… and cycling has always been a passion”.

Michael’s passion for cycling has been going strong for 30 years and it is his primary motivation as an artist. With a love for turn-of-the-century art posters Michael is bridging the gap between the old and new. With whimsy, charm and an inside knowledge of cycling his graphic and powerful art is uniquely recognisable.

Prior to being the “Cycling Artist”, Michael worked as an Executive Creative Director and Art Director, creating images and advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies for more than 35 years. Throughout his career Michael has worked in large advertising agencies like Leo Burnett in Chicago, and agencies in Boston and Miami.

Michael lives in Illinois on the “Cheese Border” and does most of his riding in southern Wisconsin. This will be Michael’s first trip to Australia and he’s already practicing “G’day mate”.

Michael cycling now and then

Head over to Michael’s website www.michaelvalenti.com to see more his unique and creative cycling artwork… and be prepared to fall in love.

Michael Valenti
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