Cycling Kit

We understand the importance of great cycling kit. It has to fit, be fashionable and functional.

We’ve worked hard with our European partners to manufacturer our Euro range of cycling accessories and custom cycling kit.

Partners with Rapha since 2012, we worked with the Pro Team Custom pilot program to create the worlds first range of Rapha Custom cycling kit.

Our kit’s have been designed and then tested hard in all manner of conditions before we released them.

We tested the kits on the road, cyclocross and mountain bike’s, in and out of competition to ensure they’ll withstand the arduous rigours of your trip and still look chic for many rides or races to come. We’ve custom engineered our kit for fit, breathability and to compliment your bike, helmet and shoe colours no matter the combination.

Cycling kit is included on each of our trips. You’ll look resplendent on tour and apres tour in your; Musette, Cycling Cap, Socks, Mens or Women’s specific Jersey and Knicks.

Custom Euro Kit

Included on each of our trips

Non Cyclist Kit

We’ve paid as much attention to our non-cyclist kit to ensure it’s breathability, you’ll look equally as chic as the riders do in their cycling kit. You’ll look fabulous in your special edition Polo Shirt, Musette bag, Cycling Cap, Socks and T-shirt.