Meet the Team

Pat Fitzpatrick

Directeur sportif

Favourite part of your work: Getting guests to the top of big scenic climbs. The views from the top of mountains.

Sir Tom Clayton

Logo and Branding Designer

Background: Road bikes, cross/bikepacking, photography & hiking.

Angus Burrell

Super Domestique, Guide, Rider Support, Driver

What is it about guiding you love: Seeing people overcome their perceived limitations and the smile on their dial when they achieve their goals.

Andrew Pike

Super Domestique, Rider support / Driver, Tour Guide, Chief Fun Officer (CFO)

What is it about guiding you love: Exploring new roads with guests.

Grace Fitzpatrick

Italian Mamma
Team Manager

Nothing makes me happier than: Echoes of laugher.

Mike McLean

Directeur Sportif India, Guide, Porridge Maker, Tea-taster, beer-guide

Where I call home: Kuttikanam, Kerala south India, the Pennines and Littleborough in the UK

Fabio Sacchi

Super Pro Guide – Italian / Giro d’Italia Expert
Former Professional Rider

Cycling Experience: 14 year professional cyclist in top race teams.

Anthony Fewster

Super Domestique, Guide, Rider Support, Driver, CSO (Chief Safety Officer)

Guiding since 2011

Bill Dragos

Ride International Tours Pro Team Mechanic – Tour Down Under support, Local Adelaide Expert, Non-Cycling Guide, Rider Support, Logistics Manager, All-round Great Guy.

Liza Carey

Web Design Guru, Graphic Designer

My cycling background: Spin class at Mickey’s Gym.

Stefaan Rogiers

El Capitan, Chief Linguist

My cycling background: Growing up surrounded by old jerseys and old legends of cycling

Kurt Reyniers

Super Domestic

My cycling background: cycling since 2000. Road, MTB, criterium, Gran Fondo’s

Rudy Rogiers

Former Professional Rider -Golden era the 80’s & 90’s

Rudy has a long list of achievements on and off the bike, yet his 2nd place finish to Sean Kelly in the final sprint at the famously hard/wet 1984 Paris Roubaix is a highlight.

Guido Gazzaniga

Alpine, long-distance route Expert

Guido comes from a very experienced and well-rounded background in cycling and cycling tours management with much international experience.

Nicolas Laclias

French, Stagiare (Internship in Cycling Guiding)

Nicolas brings a wealth of experience, passion and panache to the tour on and off the bike. His roles include “Stagiare” Guide in Training, Super Domestique, Rider Support, Non-Cycling Guide, Driver, and Guest Services.

Liz Nelson

Stagiare in Cycling Guiding. Rider support on and off the bike, domestique.

I’m a late bloomer in the cycling scene and have embraced all things cycling with gusto, including cycling coaching. I’ve experienced a ton of different events on the bike, from enjoying mass participation events at varied distances, to racing in Masters criteriums, and road races.

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