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Welcome to our Haute Pyrenees | Girona / Spain | Andorra | France Tour.

We’ve designed our Haute Pyrenees and Haute Alps Tours here, to provide inspiration, ideas and suggestions of whats possible for Bespoke Cycling Trips in Europe.

Whether you’d like your Bespoke trip to take in parts of Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany or Switzerland, just to name a few, we’ve got you covered.

We can design your dream cycling and non-cycling tour, all you need to do is have five or more of your riding and or non-riding buddies sign up, we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll use our experience to design the perfect itinerary for your needs we can provide as much or as little as you need including: provide the vehicles, drivers, rider support vehicle, non-cycling program, ride routes, hotels, restaurants, cycling guides and just about anything you can imagine to make your dream cycling trip come true. [read on for Haute Pyrenees | Girona /Spain | France Tour]

Your Sample Itinerary: Arrive into Barcelona, Spain.

First up we visit Girona, the home for the majority of the ex-pat pro cycling peloton. We ride some of the classic training routes and immerse ourselves in the café and restaurant culture of this beautiful medieval walled University City.

The magnificent Pyrenees mountains form the border of Spain and France, we’ll ride the mythical Cols of Tourmalet, Aubisque/ Solour, Hautacam, Peyresourde, Porte du Bales and many more of the climbs and cycling routes made famous by the Tour de France.

In the south of France we’ll ride undulating roads through the golden rayed fields of sunflowers to quiet villages that time forgot – pausing for obligatory photos.

Our Tour Highlights

Haute Pyrenees | Girona, Spain | Andorra | France Tour

Cols: Tourmalet, Aubisque/ Solour, Hautacam, Peyresourde, Porte du Bales

Our Sample Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Airport pick up: 7.30am Barcelona Airport
Trip start: 10am Girona Hotel. Assemble bikes
Ride: 12pm, Local loop 50km
Non Cycling: Morning – sightseeing and coffee in Girona. Scenic drive visit Santuari Els Angels
Afternoon: 5pm, explorer walk of Girona’s sights.
Dinner: 8.30pm (It’s Spain)
Overnight: Girona
Meals: Welcome Dinner at our favorite restaurant in Girona.

Day 2

Ride: From hotel Local Loop 50km/70km/100km
Non Cycling: Explore more of Girona’s beautiful streets, sights and soak up the local atmosphere over a coffee or some shopping on the high street rambla.
Overnight: Girona
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 3

Ride: Solsona 45/100km
Non cycling: Explore the medieval citadel of Solsona, scenic drive through the remote mountains.
Overnight: Solsona
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 4

Ride: Solsona Local Loop 45km/90km/130km/2600m
Non cycling: visit stunning mountain top view point, scenic drive through the southern Spanish Pyrenees. Experience more of the medieval citadel of Solsona.
Overnight: Solsona
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 5

Ride: Solsona – Andorra 45km/120km.
Non cycling: Explore Andorra, prior to scenic drive to Pyrenees relax in an out door thermal pools
Overnight: Pyrenees
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6

Ride:  Col du Peyresourde, Aspin.
Arreau. 40km/70km/100km/140km
Non Cycling: Explore Bagneres du Luchon, then Scenic drive through the heart of the Pyrenees mountains
Overnight:  Spa and Bike Hotel Pyrenees, France
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 7

Ride: Col du Tourmalet – luz st Sauver Loop – (Optional Double Ascent climb of Col du Tourmalet up from Luz St Sauv) – Lourdes 45km/60km/85km/110km-2700m
Non Cycling: Morning to explore our village , Scenic drive through the Pyrenees mountains with scenic stops, morning tea atop Col du Tourmalet.
Overnight: Spa and Bike Hotel Pyrenees, France
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 8

Ride: Hotel – Hautacam climb and return 70km
Non Cycling: Explore the township of Lourdes, sample the best Gelato outside of Italy, evening visit to the candlelight procession.
Overnight: Spa and Bike Hotel Pyrenees, France
Meals: Breakfast,

Day 9

Ride: Hotel – Col du Solour – Aubsique Loop 40km/60km/110km
Non Cycling: Scenic loop through the beautiful, wild Pyrenees, photo stops at the Col’s du Solour, Aubisque and the giant metal bicycles.
Overnight: Spa and Bike Hotel Pyrenees, France
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 10

Ride: Lourdes – Capvern 60km
Transfer: Capvern – Blagnac Airport 130km /2.5hrs
Non Cycling: Scenic drive to Capvern – transfer to Blagnac/Toulouse
Meals: Breakfast
Disassemble pack/bikes – Airport drop off – Airport Hotel drop off or Toulouse City
Trip Finish: Blagnac airport or Toulouse city

Advance Bookings:

We open up our Advance Reservations for trips so you can book well ahead. Guarantee your position by booking up to 12 months prior.

If you’d like to organise and book your trip more than 12 months prior, contact us via email or phone, we’ll arrange everything so you can make an advanced early booking.

An advance booking, accompanied by a fully refundable $750 AUD (Australian Dollar) ensures priority booking status when the trip details are announced. Note, an advance booking is not considered final until payment is received.

Once specific trip itinerary details are finalized, we’ll contact everyone on the advance reservation list via email, we’ll include the itinerary and offer a priority booking position before opening up bookings to the wider community.

If a trip fills – as it often does in the advance bookings, we create a waiting list and then offer reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis (based on the date the advance reservation was made) once our advanced booking guest have finalised.

To cancel an advance reservation a cancellation request must be submitted in writing/ via email within 14 days of the trip details being published. The (AUD) $750 advance reservation payment will be immediately refunded for any cancellation received within this 14-day period.

Final Payments:

The balance of your trip payment is due no later than 120 days prior to your trip departure date, we will forward via email your final payment invoice. You can choose to make full payment earlier if you prefer to finalise your trip payment early, contact us and we will arrange for an invoice to be sent.

What if I have to transfer, change or cancel my trip:
We understand you may not be able to go on your trip, cancel, change or transfer due to personal or medical reasons. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to transfer to another trip that has places available. If you have a question give us a call or email.

Due to the high demand, limited hotel availability and the advance payments expected by our hotels and restaurants we use, the following cancellation conditions apply to all of our trips.


120 – 91 days prior to departure50% cancellation fee of the trip price
90 – 61 days prior to departure75% cancellation fee of the trip price
60 days and less prior to departure100% cancellation fee of the trip price


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What Makes Us

Première Classe

Experience, Since 2007

We’ve been on the ground running tours for over a decade and have long graduated from the School of Rookie Mistakes. We’ve accumulated thousands of kilometres in knowledge that goes into planning our itineraries and running our trips. When you’re with us, we’ve got your back. We want to see you achieve what you came here for. That’s why we build in contingencies for our contingencies so no matter what challenges the race, road or rain throws at us, we have a solution that will bring a satisfied smile to your face at the end of each day.

Trips Guaranteed To Run

We believe that our trip numbers should never be your problem. Whether our group size is 3 or 33, we run all of our trips to the same premium standard. We value your trust in us and understand how excited you must be. Once you’ve booked your spot on any of our trips, that’s it – you’re coming. So confirm your annual leave, book your flights and start packing!

More Ride Options

We understand that this is your cycling holiday and that you have your own goals and desires. We get to know you and give you a minimum of 3 ride options every day, so you can tailor your trip and manifest your dreams. Our goal is to have you achieve and experience everything you’ve set out to – and more. As corny as it sounds, there is nothing more rewarding for us than your smile at the end of each day. Oh, and hugs. We love hugs, especially after you’ve achieved something so meaningful to you.

Ride More, Transfer Less

We know you’d much rather be sitting on your bike than in a vehicle, so we design our itineraries to ride more and transfer less. There’s a great sense of satisfaction that comes with riding point to point so, whenever possible, we build this into our itineraries. Riding more and transferring less is also achieved by multiple nights stay in strategically located hotels, so there’ll be times throughout the trip where you can unpack your bags and call your room home for a few days.

Spectators Welcome

Whether you’re a fan of Pro Cycling, or your partner is a cyclist – you are welcome and encouraged to join our trips. Taking care of spectators is a specialty of ours. We give you plenty of options throughout the tour. Whether you want to experience the beauty of the ride routes by vehicle and join up with your cycling partner en route, cheer the pro-riders at race viewing points or spend time wondering the beautiful villages and cities we visit – the choice is yours. We ensure you have as much fun and adventure as the cyclists each day.

We Are "Details" Nerds

There really is no other way to put it. We. Love. Details. We consider every inch of your holiday from the pre-tour organising and planning to the on-tour running of it all. Every decision we make is about giving you the best possible experience. We want you to switch off and enjoy the ride. We know what it’s like to work hard for something, and we love to make you feel rewarded for your efforts. Let us handle the details, so all you have to focus on is having the best time and creating lasting memories.

Pro Bike Mechanic & Rider Support

Each trip has a professional bike mechanic and rider support vehicle. We carry a pro-team work stand, extensive toolbox, essential parts, hydration and nutrition aboard our dedicated support vehicle. Should anything occur en route, we’ll have you sorted and back on your bike in no time.

Bike Security

We take the security of your bike and belongings very seriously when you entrust them into our care. We go the extra mile by implementing a number of security measures and only choose hotels that supply us with secure storage options. We are proud to say that since our first tour in 2007, we have never experienced any problems with personal belongings or bike security on any of our trips.

Fabulous Accommodation

We believe accommodation is more than just a bed for the night. It’s a place to call home when you’re living out of a suitcase. We choose a variety of comfortable, characterful and quality accommodation styles to give you a complete experience. From city chic to family run chalets and everything in between.

Global & Local Experience

When you travel across the globe to be with us, we get excited. We love sharing everything we know and love about the people and places we visit. We ride the secret backroads, reveal the best hidden cafés, introduce you to incredible regional produce and have you feeling like one of the locals sooner than you can say bonjour, buongiorno and hola.

Local Lingo

Travelling to a country where the locals don’t speak your language, can be daunting. So that’s where our local lingo can help alleviate your apprehension. We’ll give you some basic tips on how to interact with the locals so you get the most out of your experience. You don’t have to be an expert, just have a go and remember to pack your sense of humour as there’ll be lots of laughing along the way.

Safety & Skills Coaching

We want you to go home to your family in better condition than when you left, so we place importance on your safety and skills. We’ll infuse you with tips, tricks and customs of riding in the countries we visit to give you the best cycling experience in the safest, most enjoyable way. As part of our service, we offer complimentary skills coaching en route for those wanting to hone any area of their biking. Expert skills coaching has been a unique area of our business for over 20-years, having fine-tuned the skills of pro-cyclists, Olympians, national and world champions.

Travel Tips

We’ve learnt a lot about travelling over the years. Once you’ve booked your trip with us, we can advise you on tips and tricks that will help make your travel experience more enjoyable, less stressful and have you well rested and ready to start your trip in optimum form.


One thing you may not have considered when booking your future holiday is the opportunity for friendships. We pride ourselves on creating a group culture with great camaraderie that support and cheer for each other. It’s quite common for our trip participants to become lifelong friends (with us and with each other). Friendships that span the globe is one thing that really gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.

Your Goals Matter

Booking a cycling trip is a great motivator to set health, fitness, riding and travel goals. We are here to cheer you on and guide you through your preparation and link you up to other tour participants upon request. On tour, we do everything we can to see you achieve your goals and celebrate those milestones with you. Our flexible yet organised approach means that we’ve never cancelled a landmark ride in our 10+ year history. Your goals matter and we love seeing you reach them.

We Bring Out The Best

This is our philosophy – our heart and soul. At any given time, we bring out the best of that moment. We’ll show you where to stop and smell the roses, take in the most spectacular views, capture the best selfies and drink the best coffees. We are about savouring the moments and reminding you that you are in the best place at the best time.

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