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Limited Places Available – Secure Your Place.
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Experience the thrills and excitement of the final 10 Days of the 2022 Tour de France.

We’ll experience fantastic rides on iconic roads, intercept the race at strategic locations combined with an authentic French experience, including local gastronomic delights.

Feel the excitement of the finish of the Tour de France on the beautiful Champs Elysee in Paris.

Meet Your Hosts

Pat Fitzpatrick and Phil Anderson are two of the world’s most experienced and credentialed hosts, guides, coaches and all-round good guys, you’ll enjoy every minute with them on and off the bike.

Our Tour

July each year signals Tour de France time and announce it’s summer. It’s a beautiful time to visit and ride in France. We’ll show you the smaller roads, charming villages and stay in chic French hotels.

It’s with out a doubt the best time to visit France, the villages, the big cities all come to life to the sights, sounds and festivities of the Tour de France.

There’s something beautiful about riding a bike in France in the sun drenched summer, the terrain is almost purpose-built for cyclists who love panoramic climbs, sweeping views and coastal roads, it’s stunning.

Southern France was our base for over ten cycling seasons, we France like the back of our hand, we’ve spent much of that time running speciality cycling tours. We’ve hosted groups to all of France’s beautiful regions, ridden all the best roads, mountains and we’ll show you the best of France on our action-packed Ultimate 10 Day Tour de France tour.

We love everything about France, the people, it’s culture, it’s beautiful food, wine, the history, the outdoors, the mountains and it’s love for the biggest sporting event in the world.

We’re looking forward to showing you the Ultimate Tour de France experience including our loop rides of Alpe D’huez, Mont Ventoux, Paris and many more beautiful places in France, plus of course the excitement of the 2022 Tour de France race.

Ciao Pat, Grace, Phil and the Ride International Tours Team


    Advanced Bookings are open!

    $750 AUD reserves your spot on the 2022 Ultimate Tour de France 10 Day Tour.
    Book now!  or contact us for more details.

    Tour price: $AUD | $USD | €uro – TBA (To Be Announced, As Soon As We Have More Detailed Information On the Route From The Race Organiser)

    Our Tour Start Location: TBA. As Soon As We Have More Detailed Information On the Route From The Race Organiser, We’ll Update Everyone. 

    Tour de France Start Location: At this early stage, we know the race will start with 3 stages in Copenhagen and then head south. 

    Our Tour Dates: Saturday 16th July – Monday 25th July, 2022

    Daily Rides: Our specialist Tour de France programs include our classic loop rides of the Tour de France including: Alpe D’huez, Mont Ventoux and many more beautiful rides, plus we’ll intersect the race at various strategic points. We have daily ride distances and degrees of difficulty to suit riders of all abilities, no matter how little or how far you like to cycle, need optional extra km’s to ride each day – we’ve got you covered too.

    Non-Cycling Program: Each day the non-cyclists have an individual program, we can include plenty of activity or make suggestions on a daily basis, you’ll visit the race, explore France, experience a gastronomic Tour of France, plus you’ll intersect with the cycling group.
    The non-cycling program has some flexibility to build in areas of personal interest, let us know what you’re passionate about and we’ll infuse it into your program.

    Tour de France: Multiple stage viewing points, plus the grand finale in Paris.

    Tour Finish: Monday, July 25th.
    A 9am transfer is available for those who’d like to head to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

We’re currently finalising details for our 2022 Ultimate – Tour de France itinerary.
In the meantime take a look at our 2021 itineraries as a guide for how the 2022 itinerary will look. Contact us now


$750.00 AUD


No hidden Credit Card fees.

Take the hassle out of travelling with your bike.

Hire a bike or e-Bike for our 10 Day – Ultimate Tour de France Tour

Itinerary in brief:

2020 Tour De France, Nice | The Côte d’Azur – French and Italian Riviera.

7 Days | 6 Nights
Stay: The Côte d’Azur
Start / Finish Location: Nice International Airport
Start Date: Thursday 25th June
Finish Date: Wednesday 1st July

Day 1 Thurs 25th June. Arrival Day:
Airport Pick Up: 10am (or 11am meet at our Team hotel)
Details: Transfer to Hotel, Build Bikes.
Ride: 2.30pm, 35km easy coastal ride
7.30pm: Welcome dinner.

Day 2 Fri 26th June. The Italian Job.
Ride: 50 -100km. Ride from our hotel on a coastal loop over the Italian border. Take in the historic final section of Milan San Remo race including the Cipressa and Poggio climbs to San Remo.

Day 3 Sat 27th June. Tour de France Start.
Ride: 35km -100km. From our Team Hotel to Nice, to experience the incredible atmosphere of a Tour de France start. We’ll ride in hills and beautiful villages of the Pre-Alpes d’Azur, then take in all the excitement of the race finish.

Day 4 Sunday 28th June. Tour de France – The Hills
Ride: 40 -110km. From our Team Hotel into the hills of the Pre-Alpes d’Azur via the Col de Madone to a key point of today’s stage to watch the race. Return via the race course to Nice in time to see stage 2 finish.

Day 5 Monday 29th June. Chase le Tour
Ride: 40 -100km. Another day of Le Tour de France? As we receive more race route details, we’ll build in a great ride to take in sections of the route if the opportunity presents itself. Let’s see what the race organisers come up with for the third stage of this years tour route.

Day 6 Tuesday 30th June. St Tropez
Ride: 45km- 120km. From our Team Hotel we ride along the famous roads of the French Côte d’Azur through Cannes and onto St Tropez. Enjoy a relaxing late lunch in the harbour of St Tropez, take a swim and explore this wonderful village.
Afternoon return transfer to our hotel by vehicle. Re-pack bikes.
7.30pm: Farewell dinner.

Day 7 Wednesday 1st July. Au revoir – Departure Day
9.30am: After breakfast, Depart Hotel – Airport Drop Off to Nice International Airport.
À bientôt

2019 TOUR DE FRANCE  – Full Itinerary

DAY 1 – TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019

ARRIVAL DAY – Toulouse Blagnac Airport. La Ville Rose and Sunflowers loop ride
Welcome to France!

Airport pick up: 10am Toulouse Blagnac Airport
Arrival day ride departs: 1pm
Distance: 50km. Climbing: 250m
TdF Race: Rest Day Albi
Welcome dinner: 7.30pm
Accommodation: Toulouse City Centre – 1 of 2 nights

About our day:

Welcome to Ride International’s Tour de France trip! We start our trip in la Ville Rose (the “Pink City”), Toulouse, named because of the extensive use of pinkish terracotta bricks in the local architecture. Toulouse is well-known for many things, but for cyclists, it is probably best-known for being just a short drive from some of the best cycling in the French Pyrenees.

You have the option of meeting us at our team hotel, or meeting us at the airport before we take a short transfer to our hotel.

We’ll contain our excitement on day one, which a short ride to get to know each other and make sure the bikes and bodies are all in order for the week ahead.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations in Toulouse, it’s a beautiful city rich in culture, history, markets, a good artisan coffee roaster – coffee shop and fantastic shopping.

Our Ride: La Ville Rose and sunflowers loop

Ride – starts 1pm

After we’ve settled in we’ll head out for an afternoon loop ride. We will head out of Toulouse onto some country roads through rural areas for some sunflower spotting en route. We’ll return via a touristic route past the Canal du Midi and through the small streets of Toulouse’s old town back to our hotel. Today’s ride is a relaxed one to ensure you and your bike are working well.

 TdF Race: TDF Rest Day Albi 

 Après Bike:

7.30pm: Meet in the hotel lobby for a short stroll to our restaurant for our welcome dinner and drinks.


Toulouse City Centre – 1 of 2 nights


Tour de Tarn ride plus Tour de France race start Albi. Ride back to Toulouse – intersect the race at a key point en route

Breakfast: 7am
Depart hotel: 7:45am Ride start: 9:30am
Distance: 40km, 85km, 120km Climbing: 200m – 750m
TdF Race: Albi / Toulouse 167km
Accommodation: Toulouse City Centre – 2 of 2 nights

About our day:

We jump straight into the action on day two and see the Tour de France twice as it snakes its way from Albi to Toulouse – first at the stage depart and then as it nears the finish.

Seeing Le Tour stage depart and watching it pass through smaller French towns is a very different experience, and provides an interesting contrast, to the high-intensity mountain racing that we’ll see later in our tour. We’ll have the luxury of seeing the riders relax before what is expected to be a low-stress stage, and then we’ll get to see an otherwise quiet French town come alive as the race flies through it in the closing stages of the race, rubbing shoulders with locals.

We’ll increase our ride distance today but the route will be relatively flat to allow you to find your legs for the climbing to come in the coming days.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations.

Our Ride:

Ride – starts 9:30am

We’ll take a transfer from our Toulouse hotel to our ride start point on the lovely Tarn River. From there we will follow the river approximately 40km to the Tour de France race start in Albi. After taking in the race start we’ll mount our bikes again and take a more direct ride route to Toulouse. We’ll intersect the Tour de France race route as it nears the finish, as it passes through one of the smaller French villages where we can relax, watch the race finish on TV and return to our hotel on our bikes via sections of the race route to Toulouse.

 TdF Race: Albi / Toulouse 167km 

 Après Bike:

Free Program, let us know your preferred dining style, food types and we’ll point you in the right direction, Toulouse has a vast array of eateries, bars and restaurants.


Toulouse City Centre – 2 of 2 nights


Ride the final 80km of todays Tour de France high mountain stage

Breakfast: 7am
Depart hotel: 7:45am Ride start: 10:30am
Distance: 60km, 85km, 105km Climbing: 2000m
TdF Race: Toulouse / Bagnères-de-Bigorre 202km
Accommodation: Pyrenees – Lourdes Spa and Bike Hotel – 1 of 3 nights

About our day:

Today we hit the cols! We’ll take a morning transfer to the French Pyrenees, where you will get your first taste of some serious hills on this year’s tour.

We’ll ride the final part of the Tour de France stage before the riders and will see the race at or near the finish. While coming mid-way through the Tour de France, this is the first Pyrenean stage of this year’s Tour de France and it is sure to be exciting to watch as the riders test each others’ fatigue levels as they head into the second part of the race.

We’ll also need to keep our fatigue levels in mind as we head into a series of decent climbing days, with this one just being something of an entrée.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations.

Our Ride:

Ride – starts 10:30am 

After our transfer from Toulouse, we’ll ride the final 80km of today’s Tour de France medium mountain stage. This will take us over the Col du Peyresourde (where Chris Froome launched his memorable ‘descent attack’ on stage 8 of the 2016 Tour to win the stage) and then the Hourquette d’Ancizan before we ride to the race finish area in Bagneres de Bigorre.

After the Tour de France race finish you can choose to ride the ‘mostly downhill’ route back to our chic Spa and Bike hotel in Lourdes in the Pyrenees, or you can save the legs and take a short transfer back.

 TdF Race: Toulouse / Bagnères-de-Bigorre 202km 

 Après Bike:

7.45pm:  Meet in the hotel lobby for dinner at our hotel.


Pyrenees – Lourdes Spa and Bike Hotel – 1 of 3 nights

DAY 4 – FRIDAY 19 JULY 2019

Col du Solour – Col d’Aubisque High Mountain Loop

Breakfast: 7am
Ride departs hotel: 8am
Distance: 30km, 45km, 90km (optional riding extras: Hautacam ski station +30km / 1200m) Climbing: 1200m – 2400m
TdF Race: Pau / Pau Time Trial 27km
Accommodation: Pyrenees – Lourdes Spa and Bike Hotel – 2 of 3 nights

About our day:

While Lourdes is famous the world over for its holy water and associated religious pilgrimages, we like it because it is at the gateway to one of the most magical cycling valleys in the French Pyrenees. Today we’ll dive right in, departing from our hotel for an incredible day in the mountains.

We’ll take in two legendary cols, the Col du Solour and the Col d’Aubisque for a relatively short loop but one that is big on elevation and spectacular scenery.This is high mountain cycling at its very best, wild horses, sheep and goats are free to roam the pastures up here. For those wanting a few more kilometres, there is an optional extra ride up the Hautacam.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations.

Our Ride:

Ride – starts 8am

Today we’ll ride from the door of our hotel and ascend two of the most famous cols in the Pyrenees – the Col du Solour, then traverse across to the Col d’Aubisque. We’ll pause for snack, coffee or maybe even lunch at one of the chalets prior to heading back across to the Col du Soluor. We then loop back to Lourdes after a big day out in the Pyrenees. We’ll be back in time to watch the finish of the Tour de France time trial live on TV.

Riding Extras: If you’re still feeling great after the Col d’Aubisque and Solour and need extras on the day – we’ll point you in the direction of the famously tough Hautacam climb. This climb can be found just off our route back to Lourdes. While it will only add approximately 30km (and 1200m altitude) to your day, the gradients of the Hautacam are tough and this little side-trip will likely take well over two hours to complete!

 TdF Race: Pau / Pau Time Trial 27km 

 Après Bike:

Free program: Let us know your preferred dining style, food types and we’ll point you in the right direction, Lourdes has a vast array of eateries, bars (even a great Belgian bar), restaurants and the best gelato outside of Italy.


Pyrenees – Lourdes Spa and Bike Hotel – 2 of 3 nights


Col du Tourmalet Loop, see the race on the lower slopes

Breakfast: 7am
Depart hotel: 8am Ride start: 9am
Distance: 55km, 65km, 80km, 105km Climbing: 750m – 2300m
TdF Race: Tarbes / Tourmalet 117km
Accommodation: Pyrenees – Lourdes Spa and Bike Hotel – 3 of 3 nights

About our day:

Today we ride the Col du Tourmalet! One of the most famous climbs in the French Pyrenees, the Tourmalet is a big and beautiful climb – one that every serious cyclist should tick off in their lifetime. We’ll tackle it from the eastern side, hit the summit and descend down the other side to watch the Tour de France tear onto the lower slopes as it tackles the Tourmalet in the opposite direction.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations.

Our Ride:

Ride starts 9am 

Depending on how your legs are feeling, you can choose where to start your day along our route: Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Campan, Sainte Marie De Campan or La Mongie. Regardless of the start point, our route will take in the Col du Tourmalet loop in a clockwise direction and we’ll tackle the great Tourmalet from the eastern side.

Having summited the highest paved road in the Pyrenees, we’ll then take the winding descent to the picturesque valley town of Luz-Saint-Sauveur. There we’ll watch the race live on TV as it approaches, before stepping out to the roadside to see it charge onto the lower slopes of the Col du Tourmalet. Then, we’ll ride the mostly-downhill route back to Lourdes to complete our loop, finishing on a quiet and gentle local bike path that will feel a million miles away from the hallowed slopes of the Tourmalet.

 TdF Race: Tarbes / Tourmalet 117km 

 Après Bike:

Suggested Sports Recovery Drink: Anything dark from the Belgian beer bar near the bridge over the river in town.

Free program: Let us know your preferred dining style, food types and we’ll point you in the right direction again. Lourdes is great for bars and restaurants. (Have you tried the gelato yet?)


Pyrenees – Lourdes Spa and Bike Hotel – 3 of 3 nights

Col du Tourmalet

DAY 6 – SUNDAY 21 JULY 2019

Medieval Citadel – Gorge Ride and Dinner at our Chateau

Breakfast: 7am
Depart hotel: 8am Ride start: 3:30pm
Distance: 30km, 60km Climbing: 600m – 950m
TdF Race: Limoux / Foix 185km
Accommodation: Provence – Mazan Chateau Hotel – 1 of 2 Nights

About our day:

We are transferring from the Pyrenees to the Alps today, and will break the transfer up with a stop-in at the medieval citadel of Carcassonne. There we’ll stretch the legs and explore this historic village. We’ll then complete our transfer across to the base of the Giant of Provence – Mont Ventoux – in Mazan. After we’ve settled in to our chateau, we’ll head out for an afternoon ride to ease ourselves into the Alps.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations.

Our Ride:

Ride – starts 3:30pm

With a few days of solid climbing under our belt, and with plenty more to come, we’ll give the bodies and legs a well-earned rest and take in a leisurely ride along the beautiful and breathtaking roads of the Gorge de la Nesque, near our hotel in Mazan. What this ride lacks in distance and elevation, it more than makes up for in spectacular scenery.

 TdF Race: Limoux / Foix 185km 

 Après Bike:

Suggested Sports Recovery Drink: Ice cold Cote du Rhone Rose.

7:30pm: Three course dinner including regional Ventoux and Cote du Rhone wine at our chateau.


Provence – Mazan Chateau Hotel – 1 of 2 Nights

DAY 7 – SUNDAY 22 JULY 2019

Mont Ventoux – Celebration dinner and drinks at our Chateau

Breakfast: 7am
Depart hotel: 7:45am Ride start: 8:30am
Distance: 30km, 45km, 60km (Optional riding extras: Fancy a double ascent of Mont Ventoux?  Add 42km and 1550m) Climbing: 2100m
TdF Race: Rest Day
Accommodation: Provence – Mazan Chateau Hotel – 2 of 2 nights

About our day:

While the Tour de France has a rest day scheduled, there will be little rest for us as we will be tackling the most famous climb in cycling – Mont Ventoux!

After a short morning transfer to the town of Bédoin, we will have a number of options available for you to reach the summit of the Giant of Provence. We’ll have all day, so we can take our time and really soak up this magical mountain.

Non-cycling options:

Ask us for some options based on your personal interests, we have some great recommendations.

Our Ride:

Ride starts 8:30am

It’s not called the ‘Giant of Provence’ for nothing, and we’ll have a number of ride options available so that everyone can tackle a route they are comfortable with and make it to the summit.

You can choose to climb the full 22km, or tackle shorter options of 18km, 10km or 6km (from Chalet Reynard) to the the top. Each of these options will pass by the Tom Simpson memorial en route to the top.

From the top of Mount Ventoux, it’s a lovely run down to Malaucene where a coffee, snack or lunch will revitalise you. If you are keen for more, you’ll have the option of tackling Mont Ventoux for a second time, from Malaucene. Alternatively, if one summit of the most famous climb in cycling is enough for you, you can leave Malaucene bound for Bédoin to finish our loop. From here you have the choice to cycle back to our chateau or travel in the vehicle.

 TdF Race: Rest Day 

 Après Bike:

Suggested Sports Recovery Drink: After a fantastic day on the Giant of Provence, it’s a tough choice between a cold local craft beer or a G&T, either one will have you rehydrated quickly and ready to go again tomorrow.

7:30pm: We’ll have dinner, including local wines, at our chateau.


Provence – Mazan Chateau Hotel – 2 of 2 Nights

Mont Ventoux



Pat and Grace worked tirelessly to make sure everyone’s needs and expectations were met

S. Charlton (2015)Queensland, Australia

A big thanks to you for making my trip, as a non-rider, very memorable

L. Green (2010) New Zealand

Grace and Pat go above and beyond to make sure you have a good time

Steph W. (2015, 2014 & 2013)NSW, Australia

Nothing was too much trouble, their demeanour was always cheery

Andrew S. (2014)Melbourne, Australia

Knowledgeable, multilingual, always helpful, a great team

Tommy. E (2016, 2014, 2013, 2012)USA

Grace is the most organised of guides, no request is too unusual or difficult

A. Saunders (2017)Victoria, Australia

You took care of my wife wonderfully… I am grateful and appreciative

David S. (2016)Canada

Thanks very much for a highly enjoyable and excellently run tour

Daren A. (2012)QLD, Australia

Grace and Pat are remarkable. Thank you so much!

Claudia H. (2104)Canada

Grace… you are warm, inclusive and infectious in your enthusiasm

John H. (2014)Australia

Pat and his team did an absolutely brilliant job

L. Hocking (2015)Victoria, Australia

Big thanks to Grace & Patrick… we had a Brilliant time

Andrew E (2016)Australia

The trip ran like clock work… all we had to worry about was enjoying ourselves

Ben K. (2013)NSW, Australia

Grace… you are still as efficient and organised as always

Richard B. (2016, 2012)Western Australia

Pat’s leadership gave everyone what they needed

Peter F. (2010)New Zealand
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Booking a cycling trip is a great motivator to set health, fitness, riding and travel goals. We are here to cheer you on and guide you through your preparation and link you up to other tour participants upon request. On tour, we do everything we can to see you achieve your goals and celebrate those milestones with you. Our flexible yet organised approach means that we’ve never cancelled a landmark ride in our 10+ year history. Your goals matter and we love seeing you reach them.

We Bring Out The Best

This is our philosophy – our heart and soul. At any given time, we bring out the best of that moment. We’ll show you where to stop and smell the roses, take in the most spectacular views, capture the best selfies and drink the best coffees. We are about savouring the moments and reminding you that you are in the best place at the best time.

Verified review
Excellent day out We joined Grace and Pat for their Old Willunga Hill one day tour during the Tour Down Under. Despite not having been with the group the rest of the week we were welcomed in and enjoyed a wonderful day out. The day was perfectly planned from the ride out, to the lunch and location right near the finish of the stage. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend and we will hopefully make our way onto another tour in the future.
Verified review
Well planned and executed Tour Down Under 2020 Grace and Pat put us in excellent accommodations with great facilities. They planned routes for people with all riding abilities and even for non-riders. The aperitif get-togethers showcased different wines, beers and ales of Southern Australia. The rider support was great, they took care of us and our personal bikes. I will travel with them again.
Verified review
Fantastic experience I had a great week at the Tour Down Under. We rode all the beautiful hills of Adelaide. We had different riding each day and we saw parts of the race each day. Some days we saw the start and some days we saw the finish. It was very exciting. The Ride International crew were fantastic. They took care of every detail. My bike was ready when I arrived. They had ride snacks and beverage out every morning and at our stops along the way. We had three receptions throughout the week and some evenings to ourselves. Thank You Pat and Grace and staff.
Jamie K
Jamie K
Verified review
Brilliantly run trips Did TdU and TdF tours in 2019 with Pat and his team. Very well run tours, every detail thought of, all levels of rider catered for - highly recommend
Michael Valenti
Michael Valenti
Verified review
La mia nuova famiglia. My new family. Traveling to new places is always exciting, but meeting new people and making new friends is what's most important to me. Pat, Grace and the Ride International Team are still in touch with me today. When you tour with RI you tour with family. You're welcomed into their home, into their world of cycling and you become one of the family. I've been to the Tour Down Under and the Giro with them and I can tell you there was never a hitch. From cleaning the bikes to Five Star meals every detail covered. Every want met. And the best thing is you get to choose them for your next adventure. Grazie Grace and Pat.
Verified review
Treatment like a pro I traveled with Ride International Tours at the 2019 Tour Down Under and again in 2020. We were shown all the sights of Adelaide, shown the best vantage points of the race and had the chance to ride Adelaide's Mt Lofty, Glenelg Beaches, Barossa wine region, Corkscrew climb, Norton Summit and the famous Willunga Hill. Pat and Grace really go out of their way to ensure everyone is having a good time on or off the bike!
Chris S
Chris S
Verified review
Tour de smiles Pat and his fellow guides knew the roads of the TDU fastidiously and were continuously greeted with smiles wherever we went. Whether it was on the side of the road in a climb, in a bar or in the bike - Pat and Grace bring a smile to everyone’s face who has ever met them. Absolute treasures.
Ursus R
Ursus R
Verified review
TDU with Ride International Tours My trip to the Tour Down Under with Ride International was excellent from start to finish. The accommodation was good, the food was great, the support riders knew what they were doing and the rides were well chosen. Pat and Grace are both total legends.


Star rate
“Thanks very much for a highly enjoyable and excellently run tour. You and your team certainly exceeded my expectations, not only with the rides but local knowledge which helped make life simple.”

- Daren A . QLD, Australia

Star rate
“It is the small things that you guys do behind the scenes that makes all the difference. It was an amazing experience to ride in Italy and experience the Giro first hand. Thanks again and looking forward to the next tour.”

- Stephen P . QLD, Australia

Star rate
“Both Pat and Grace have excellent people skills, they build relationships quickly, they were always well organised with itineraries or plans for the day re weather, road changes, or unexpected issues that arose. Hard work from them made our tour of two weeks a dream holiday along with all the extra drama of the biggest cycling race in the world.”

- J. & I. Aplin . Napier, New Zealand

Star rate
“I first met Pat and Grace on a cycling tour in Europe in 2013. Pat and Grace make the perfect team to run these types of tours, both are friendly, bubbly and outgoing in their personalities and each bring their own invaluable skills to touring with a group.”

- A. Saunders . Victoria, Australia

Star rate
“Wow, two of the greatest tour guides I know. Knowledgeable, multilingual, always helpful, a great team to handle your once in a life time tour. I’ve done at least 4 two-week cycle tours with one or both of this husband wife team. Every one has been extraordinary. You will not go wrong with one of these two as your tour coordinators.”

- Tommy. E . USA

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