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    Additionally – this Tuscany & Emilia Romagna, Italian Cycling Escape program is ideal for groups large and small throughout the European Spring, Summer & Autumn. Contact us to find out more

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Bologna | Tuscany | Nove Colle Granfondo Emilia-Romagna
Experience a minimum of 3 Stages of the 2019 Giro d’Italia

The Lonely Planet guide named the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy in 2018 as the best place to see in Europe, it’s one of the wealthiest and most developed regions in all Europe, with the third-highest GDP per capita in Italy.

Bologna, the capital of the region is a cultural centre, being the home of the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, it contains Romanesque and Renaissance cities (such as Modena, Parma and Ferrara), encompassing eleven UNESCO heritage sites.

Emilia-Romagna is also a centre for great foods and automobile production, it’s home to automotive companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, De Tomaso and Ducati as well as having  coastal resort popular with the residents of Milan.




Bologna | Tuscany | Nove Colle Granfondo Emilia-Romagna | 3 Stages of the 2019 Giro d’Italia

DAY 1 – FRIDAY 10, AUGUST 2019


Pick up times:
• 11am – Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport
• 12.30pm – Bologna Centrale Train Station
Take a light lunch, transfer to our wonderful hotel, check in and set up bikes ready for an easier afternoon ride

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: 2:30pm • Distance: 45km • Climbing: 250m
Our first ride will take in a easier loop of the local roads, the local area around our hotel is stunning with fantastic small roads perfect for cycling. The ride is just challenging enough to make sure your bike and body are running nicely after a long flight.

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm – Welcome dinner at our Team Hotel


Bologna Region – Riolo 1 of 2 nights

Bologna Italy


Giro d’Italia start + Ride

Today’s Ride  

Ride Start: ……. • Distance: 55km, 75km, 100km • Climbing: 1000m
Ride from our Team Hotel to Bologna then onto todays TT race course. We’ll complete today race circuit then return to watch the excitement and festivities of the race, it’ll be a fantastic start way to the 2019 Giro d’Italia

Race Visit  

2019 Giro d’Italia Race start – 8.2 km individual time trial, Bologna city center to San Luca

 Après Bike:



Bologna Region – Riolo 2 of 2 nights

giro 2019 stages

DAY 3 – SUNDAY 12, AUGUST 2019

Ride + Giro d’Italia midpoint

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 50km, 75km, 100km • Climbing: 1200m
Ride from our Team Hotel on undulating roads to intercept the Giro d’Italia race route at a strategic midpoint. After the race passes, choose to return to our hotel on an alternate route by bike or vehicle.

Race Visit  

2019 Giro d’Italia Race Stage 2

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm


Tuscany 1 of 4 nights

Bologna Italy

DAY 4 – MONDAY 13, AUGUST 2019

Arrividerci Emilia-Romagna – Ciao Chianti

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance:45km, 75km, 95km • Climbing: 1250m
Transfer + Ride to our fantastic Tuscan hilltop hotel

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm – Dinner and Chianti at our Tuscan Hotel


Tuscany 2 of 4 nights


Tuscan Villages 

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 55km, 75km, 90km • Climbing: 1200m
Ride from our Team Hotel – Tuscany Loop 1

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm


Tuscany 3 of 4 nights

tuscan villages


Tuscan Vineyards – Strada Bianchi

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 50km, 70km, 95km • Climbing: 1250m
Ride from our Team Hotel – Tuscany Loop 2

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm


Tuscany 4 of 4 nights


Da Vinci and Florence

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 45km, 75km, 90km • Climbing: 1400m
Ride from our Team Hotel – Tuscany Ride #3, pause at the birth place of Leonardo da Vinci enroute to Florence.

 Après Bike:

Explore the fascinating city of Florence prior to returning to our hotel by vehicle. 
7:30pm – Dinner at a local restaurant


Adriatic Coast 1 of 4 nights

Florence Italy

DAY 8 – FRIDAY 17, AUGUST 2019

Arrividerci Tuscany – Ciao Adriatica

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 40km, 70km, 100km • Climbing: 550m
Transfer + Ride to our Adriatic Coast hotel

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm – Dinner at a local restaurant


Adriatic Coast 2 of 4 nights

Adriatic Coast

DAY 9 – FRIDAY 18, AUGUST 2019

Flamingo’s and Hilltop Villages

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 45km, 75km, 95km • Climbing: 1100m
Ride from our hotel – Adriatic Coast for some Flamingo spotting + Hilltop Villages Loop.

 Après Bike:

Dinner: 7:30pm – Dinner at a local restaurant


Adriatic Coast 3 of 4 nights


Uphill Time Trail and Sangiovese

Our Ride:  

Ride Start: …….. • Distance: 50km, 75km, 110km • Climbing: 1250m
Ride from our hotel and onto the Riccione – San Marino ITT course, ride todays race stage to hilltop San Marino, Sangiovese Wine Stage.

Race Visit  

STAGE 9, Sunday 19 May – RICCIONE – SAN MARINO (RSM) ITT (Sangiovese Wine Stage) – km 34.7

 Après Bike:

After the race, return to our Team Hotel via bike or vehicle. 
7:30pm – Party Time, Sangiovese and it’s our final dinner together at our hotel.


Adriatic Coast 4 of 4 nights

giro race

DAY 11 – SUNDAY 20, AUGUST 2019

Departure Day

Bologna Drop Off Locations for Airport and Train 
9.30am: Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport.
11am: Bologna Centrale Train Station

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