The colourful Grand Palace in Brussels, Belgium

With its enormous historical and cultural wealth, and immense versatility, Flanders is truly unique.

While each of Flander’s cities is easily worthy of an entire trip, here are some of the can’t miss cities and their highlights.



The capital of Belgium hosts a wide range of epic attractions. Some of our favourites to check out include:



Antwerp, Belgium’s second-largest city, features quaint architecture, cobbled lanes, and a variety of lovely attractions. With its historic status as home of diamond dealers and moguls, Antwerp practically oozes power. Some of its hottest attractions include:

  • Antwerp Central Station (pictured below), one of the cities most treasured landmarks and considered one of the five most beautiful train stations in the world
  • The Mode Museum, a magnet for fashionistas
  • The MAS Museum the Rubenshaus, the previous studio of Antwerp’s most well-known artist, Pieter Paul Rubens
  • The Cathedral of Our Lady, home to four Rubens masterpieces
The exterior of the Antwerp railway station

The exterior of the Antwerp railway station.


Ghent and Bruges

Bruges and Ghent are true show-stoppers that showcase some of Belgium’s best offerings. With flower-lined medieval squares to towering cathedrals, these picturesque stops look like a postcard brought to life.

Beautiful Bruges at sunset

Beautiful Bruges at sunset.

Highlights in Ghent include the St. Bavo Cathedral, the Castle of the Counts of Flanders, and St. Nicolas Church. In Bruges, we highly recommend a tour of the notorious Beguinage or a scenic boat cruise along the canals.

Tip: if you’re planning on visiting the area, or are just a lover of black comedies, we recommend checking out the movie In Bruges. It’s one of our all-time favourites!


Flanders Fields

For history buffs, Flanders Fields is a must-see. A visit to Flanders would not be complete without paying homage to the fallen soldiers at Flander’s Fields. Scattered with red poppies, this WWI battlefield is known around the world. Today, this peaceful region bears witness to the senselessness of war with museums, cemeteries, and monuments.

Flanders Fields scattered with red poppies

Flanders Fields scattered with red poppies.


Oudenaarde, Belgium – Tour of Flanders Museum

We saved one of our absolute favourite Flander’s attractions for last: Tour of Flanders Museum. This is a can’t miss stop for cycling enthusiasts, especially those with a passion for the history of cycling. Located in Oudenaarde, Belgium, this must-see destination is easy-to-spot as it is situated just a few metres from Oudenaarde’s market square.

Outside, the windows of the museum are decorated with cobblestones, each commemorating the previous winner of the race.

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of cycling history and inspiration including:

  • Cycling artefacts
  • Multimedia presentations covering the history and progress of cycling
  • Vintage bikes
  • Life-size cutouts of recent winners
  • A unique, interactive machine that mimics the feels of riding on cobbles
  • A display of the bike Greg van Avermaet rode to victory in the 2016 Olympics
  • An entire room devoted to Fabien Cancellara complete with jerseys, trophies, and his bikes
  • A jersey once belonging to Johan Museeuw
  • A gift shop, cycling-themed cafe, and local information section
  • Much more!

After a long day of riding, this stop is a perfect way to relax for a few hours before dinner. An absolute must see!

Flanders Museum

The museum is an absolute must-see for cycling enthusiasts


Time to Decide What You Plan to Enjoy in Flanders!

Have you been to Flanders? Did we miss any must-see attractions on our list? If you have never been there, what destinations would you most like to visit on our list?

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