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Our 9 Italian Favourite Giro d'Italia Locations To Visit

Wondering where the best places to visit in Italy are? Here’s a list of our favourite locations along the Giro d’Italia route for you to visit after you’ve visited the popular Italian hotspots of Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terra, Pisa, Siena, Portifino & Milano.   1. Sardinia, Maddalena Archipelago The Maddalena Archipelago is located on the […]

Confit de Canard (Duck leg)

Wondering what kind of delicacies await you on the Tour de France Route? Here are our absolute favourite French foods. If you aren’t hungry now, you will be after reading our list of the top 7 French dishes to try!   1. Confit de Canard (Duck leg) Considered one of the finest French dishes, Confit de Canard […]

Corsica in France

Every year, the Tour de France visits some of France’s most iconic and popular tourist attractions. Here, we list our top 7 must-see destinations for you to enjoy.   1. Corsica Though this laid-back island has been part of France for over two centuries, everything from its cuisine, customs, character, and language offers a different […]

Attractions in Adelaide

From riding through famous vineyards, to hitting Adelaide’s best hotspots, 2021’s Tour Down Under is sure to be a memorable adventure. We’ll ride the small roads as only the locals can, take in the best scenery, enjoy the best restaurants, and relax at the finest coffee shops. While it is hard to list all the […]

The colourful Grand Palace in Brussels, Belgium

With its enormous historical and cultural wealth, and immense versatility, Flanders is truly unique. While each of Flander’s cities is easily worthy of an entire trip, here are some of the can’t miss cities and their highlights.   Brussels The capital of Belgium hosts a wide range of epic attractions. Some of our favourites to […]