A COVID-19 Update from the Ride International Tours Team

We hope you and your families are going well during the current COVID-19 virus situation.

Even the most recent coronavirus situations globally continue to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Each country is at varying stages of action, response and recovery.

As a travel and experience company, we have been affected, but these issues are dwarfed by global health concerns. Our primary focus is still the safety and wellbeing of our guests, families and friends.

We’d like to thank all our friends, suppliers, colleagues, staff and guests (past and present) for their heartfelt communication, messages, calls and understanding during these times.

On a domestic front, Australia and New Zealand have made great progress to limit the spread of the virus. Restrictions around Australia and in each state are proceeding to a pace to suit each local environment.

International travel out of, and into Australia and New Zealand seems to be a little way off just yet, mostly until things become clearer and stabilise globally.


What Does This Mean For Our Tours?

We are still being conservative and incredibly cautious in the present. Our intention is to still be “part of the solution” and not be a part of the problem. Therefore, our primary goal is to aid in limiting the spread of the virus, which in turn will aid in not overburdening health care staff and health care systems.

We are looking optimistically and positively toward the future in general, and to a safe return to domestic and international cycling tours.

International Tours

  • Due to the current climate and uncertainty around travel, Ride International Tours has rescheduled all European/International cycling tours until things stabilise globally.


Australian (Domestic Tours and Social Rides)

  • We are proceeding cautiously with our domestic program of Social Rides and Long Weekend Tours.  We’ve outlined our ideas, “expressions of interest for domestic tours and Rapha Escapes” and some information below. Feel free to contact us or connect in regard to our upcoming social rides and tours.
  • We’ll announce more details for the Tours and Social Rides as things become clearer and more defined.

Many of our tours and complimentary special event social rides are in collaboration with our partners (local cycling clubs) and are based around the pro racing calendar.

Our Australian Cycling Experiences Will Include

  • Melbourne – Spring Classics Social Rides, Road & Gravel editions
  • Melbourne  – Grand Tour, Special Events & Social Rides
  • Winter Escape Long-weekend Retreats:
    • Noosa
    • Gold Coast
  • Spring, Summer Long-weekend Retreats:
    • Victorian Goldfields
    • Victorian Alpine: Bright, Warburton
    • The Great Ocean Road, Otways Retreats Victoria
  • Rapha Escapes including: Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston
  • Adelaide / Barossa Valley
  • 2022 Tour Down Under

We highly encourage partners and non-cycling partners on our tours. We have separate programs available for non-cycling partners to include active walks, runs or social immersion programs tailored to your preferences.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Tours

All our tours, both domestically or internationally, are available as DIY (Do it Yourself) Tours. They can be tailored to suit your individual preferences to include road, gravel, your budget, needs, dates and requirements. We can provide as much or as little input as you need to create your perfect 3, 4 or 5-star tour in each location. Ask us how.


You Get More

As with all our tours, our wonderful staff are fantastic people, passionate super domestiques and are superb coaches.

Each member of staff has an area of expertise. They love to share their passion, excitement and knowledge of all things on and off the bike; no matter if you are new to cycling or a seasoned rouleur on bike, our staff are there for you every step of the way.

As well as providing super rides on great courses to suit your preferred distance and climbing, we tailor to areas of interest to each guest on tour. We love to hone in on the things that you love (on and off the bike), or your prefered areas to improve on.

Often, it’s the small things that come from conversations on and off the bike. This provides great insights for instant and long term improvement for our cycling tours.

Among us, we have a vast range of experience, professional knowledge and expertise to pass on. On each our tours, whether it be for male or female-specific areas, or in areas of how to improve your fitness, training, comfort, skills, techniques, strength and flexibility, maintenance, or technology, we’ve got you covered no matter your additional areas of interest.

Off the bike, we are all passionate foodies, love dietary diversity, embrace artisan regional produce, and love to share this knowledge. The same is true for rehydrating cool drinks, craft beer and vino. We have staff who have been formally trained as wine, spirit and craft beer educators.


Professional Cycling News

Below we’ve included both the Men’s and Women’s current UCI Professional cycling calendars. We are looking forward to seeing racing commence safely as things in Europe continue to improve.



The Future

At Ride International Tours, we are all forever the optimists.

It’s been heartwarming and encouraging to see families and individuals making the most of the current situation. We’ve admired the huge increase in people enjoying outdoor activities, taking walks, running, cycling and commuting to work via alternative methods. We truly hope many of these positive social changes become part of the new normal.

Together, we will all continue to grow stronger and better as the world recovers. As travel restrictions ease, we’ll continue to provide updates and news as it comes to hand. We look forward to continuing to deliver the best cycling experiences available.

During the next recovery phase, we encourage you to stay upbeat, proceed cautiously and follow your local health recommendations.

Stay in contact, send us an email, pick up the phone or give us a video call. We are here to talk.

We look forward to sharing our passion and welcoming you all on a tour in the near future.

Warm Regards,
Ciao, Pat and Grace Fitzpatrick
Managing Directors